Sunday, May 13, 2012

what's up

First things first,
Happy Mothers Day!
to ALL the mother's in our family!

Well, I finally have time to sit down and blog without kinsey screaming at me for attention. She's a funny kid, if I'm sitting on the couch she's fine playing with her toys by herself but once I get up to do something or even just being on the comp she wines for my attention. I guess she just loves me that much. haha. Anyhoo thought I'd catch you up on the things going on in our life [which isn't much]

Kinsey seems to have a fascination with hair, she pretends to play with Haydns hair (her cousin) and anytime she finds my brush, she'll either be brushing her own fuzz or try to brush my hair, I even find her at times playing with her own hair or just rubbing her head. she's too cute.

 It's been really hot lately and  I found a box of pudding one day we decided to have a pudding, water day with kinsey, She LOVED it. She ate quite a bit of it but most of it ended up on her or the ground.

Orions first pheasant (male)


 orion and his winning prize, haha

 Orion's been trying to shoot a pheasant for a very long time. He says we need to broaden our meats, ha. So one day on the way home from somewhere he show's up with 2 dead birds. Apparently he was aiming and one and ended up shoot 2 with one shot, a male and a female. He shot the female in the neck so we were able to keep that one but the male got shot in the body and i guess all the bones were shattered or something like that. Anyways he was suppose to cook it in the oven but never got around to doing it so its sad to say that no one got to taste is and it went to waste! BOO!

wild boar smoke meat or as orion says ''real bigisland smoke meat"

 how ''hawaiian coyboys'' make a fire, haha

 I've been bugging orion that I want to a sandy beach cause their ain't many close by so on the way home from kona we went exploring and found a beach down a very beat up road but it wasn't a sandy beach. It was a very, VERY rocky beach and we couldn't go swiming . but it was really pretty!
 kinsey's "cheese" smile

She's not crying, thats just her "talking" face. haha

 What happen's when I take a shower and he's suppose to be watching her.
i have nothing to complain about tho!

 an okay size boar orion caught this weekend (its still alive) they cut off is olo's and let him go
so he can get bigger and i guess taste better? not too sure. poor piggy

 I finally got to go to the beach!!!!!!! well mahukona but its better than sitting at home in the heat. And got to swim! Kinsey loved it, we got her a little floater and she was screaming and first but 5 mins in the water she was smiling, laughing and splashing! didn't get any pictures of us in the water.

 cheeser smile!

kinsey's horse kaua. she's ridable but i guess the owners that had her before us hasn't rode her in a long time so she's very skittish.

Well, thats as much as i got for now. Oh yea i forgot i am now 28 weeks preggo and 3 more months to go. i excited but worried about how am i going to handle 2 kids so close in age, i guess with lots of prayers. haha thats it for now!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

for you kohalaians

So for those who didn't know, the keokea pavilion was closed for a while and recently rebuilt. I finally got to go down there and check it out. Its really nice, I don't remember how the other one was since it was so long ago. I didn't get pictures of the inside and I forgot the camera in the truck, haha. Anyways from what Orion said its a little smaller and it has a built in food table right by the kitchen window (if that makes sense). And right after they painted it some dummies came and graffiti it, not sure where on the pavilion cause they repainted it already. anyways hopefully I can go down there again soon and take more pictures but enjoy this one for now. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

kinseys 1 birthday

Well I know Kinsey's birthday was awhile ago but I seem to hardly have time with Kinsey always wanting to be entertained and with me having NO energy. Anyways I finally found the time to post some pic's. I must say her birthday party turned out better than I thought and I am SO happy its over. NEVER doing that again. haha.

my little pom poms that took forever to make!

singing happy birthday

her cake made by ME (= 
{im pretty happy with how it turned out}

 This is how kinsey eats cake. haha

 enjoying the bouncy house all to herself

 On her actual BirthDAY, she got to play in her new pool

drive her new car

 and enjoy some yummy marbled cupcakes!

she used her hands this time. haha

Thursday, February 16, 2012


So its been a while since I wrote but it seems like everyone has too but anyways, so kinsey has finally learned to walk, still very wobbly but she happier now, and she tries to follow me everywhere but she now throws screaming tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants. oh the joys of having a toddler but she still makes me laugh and smile.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Who do you think she looks like?

This kid and her looks just crack me up! This one day I just happened to have the camera on me so I had to take a pic. She has changed so much in these past few months, so I was wondering who do you think she looks like [not talking about me or orion] for some strange reason she kind of looks like Ailona! hahaha I guess the Gellert blood is pulling through at last. lol

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

H E L L O !

hey there familia!

sorry I haven't been posting much but its been hard with a fussy, teething child who loves me SO much. haha. Anyways so, christmas is near and family is far and all I want for christmas this year is to SKYPE with as much of my family as possible from now untill christmas (cousin's/aunties/uncles included) I've been feeling very distant from everyone so if its not to much trouble and you can spare a few mins call/text/facebook me PLEASE! love you all and


p.s my skype name is under "nicolegellert'' I think I have more than one so my new one has a picture of kinsey.